18. How to Make Button Earrings

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Let’s get organised…’

My button tin is a lovely tin. It originally contained orange biscuits from Italy, a gift from an old neighbour for looking after their goldfish while they were on holiday. But it’s not very practical. Every time I need a button I have to tip them all out and sort through. I know what you’re thinking – a button tin is full of memories and there’s something very comforting about sifting through them on the table, remembering what they were once attached to (some of mine even came from my summer dresses when I was a girl). But I’m a busy woman now and realise that the most sensible thing is to split them up so I can find what I need quickly. That goes for my fabric stash, my scissors and my cotton reels too. I definitely need to be more organised. If Kim had a pile of old buttons (which I’m quite sure she hasn’t) I know they’d be split up, boxed up, labelled up and stored in a place where the level of accessibility corresponds to the number of times she’s likely to need to access it. Awesome. Or frightening?

How should I split mine up? I could do it by colour (pink/blue/white…); I could do it by type (plastic/metal/fabric covered/four hole/two hole/shank); or I could do it by sets (pairs/sets of three/sets of four…). This all started when I was looking for pairs for this week’s post so I could make a few sets of button earrings. It didn’t really matter what colour they were, I just needed there to be two of each. But once I’d found them I got straight on with the earrings and at the end of it all I just tipped the rest of them back into the orange biscuit tin.

Getting organised isn’t my strength and, needless to say, I’ve still not made any progress. I know I’ll curse next time when I have to sort through them all again.

Blue's signatureNot many pictures and not many instructions this week because these earrings are so easy. Hope you have fun making them.

First I tipped the buttons out (as you know).

salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings

Then I sorted them into sets (can’t believe I just threw them back in at the end!).

salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings

I chose the ones I wanted.

salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings

I glued the posts on with super glue. I’d bought these silver plated studs (with scroll backs) at a craft fair but you can get similar ones from Hobbycraft.

salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings

What else can I say?

salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings
salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings
salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings


  • The posts didn’t stay glued to two of my earrings, which I blame partly on my gluing ability but mainly on the fact that the buttons were slightly concave so didn’t sit on the flat back very well. The others (all flat) are fine.

Salvaged Items:

  • Old buttons

Looking forward to joining you again next week with something ‘new’ from my salvage box. In the meantime, get saving your plastic lids from milk cartons. I’ll be showing you how to make a children’s game in two or three weeks and I reckon we’ll need about 16 identical ones.

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