4. Indulge in Bread and Butter Pudding

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Ready to party…?’

‘Would you like beef?’ asked a waiter with a thick accent (authentic Brazilian, presumably, since we were in a very meaty Brazilian restaurant, chosen by the staff, for our post-Christmas night out).

We’re too busy on the run up to Christmas to have a party so Teacups & Tulips tends to hit the big city sometime in January – a treat from Kim and me for all their hard work during the year.

I do like meat but I could live without it fairly easily, especially after seeing the quantities brought to the table on Saturday night. It was more than we needed and definitely more than I wanted to look at, let alone eat. Still, the girls seemed to be really enjoying the evening. They were giddily flirting with some young men on a table nearby who were getting louder and making it obvious which route they’d be taking round the pubs in town before ending up in the club next to the bus station.

The girls were anxious for Kim and I to hurry up and finish our meals so we could move our party along, in line with the boys.

‘Shall we let them go?’ Kim said to me, exactly as I was thinking it.

‘Perfect,’ said Jaz, without waiting for my response. She was a little tipsy but is, generally, the most responsible of the gang so we passed the kitty to her and relaxed into our glasses of wine while the party moved on without us.

Kim and I stayed and chatted in a restaurant neither of us would have chosen, Kim because it’s not chic enough and me because I get a bit upset with the ‘all you can eat’ concept where people either eat too much or take more than they can manage and leave it on their plate.

It was still fairly early when Kim got a beep on her phone to tell her that Gary was outside to take us home. I was delighted at the prospect of getting out of my party gear, wrapping myself in a blanket and sitting in front of the television to catch up on a few programmes.

As it turned out, I was even more indulgent than that – I made a bread and butter pudding and worked my way through a large portion. Then I felt very guilty for criticising the people who were eating too much meat in the restaurant!

Jenny watching tv

I suppose I could just call it research since it’s given me the project for this week, which is a very easy bread and butter pudding.

salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's pawTraditionally bread and butter pudding is a way to use up stale slices but I’m much more likely to need to use up a bit of cream because I usually just take my bread out of the freezer as I need it. Having said that, it does work better if the bread isn’t quite fresh.

Use the ingredients below as a guide for four portions. This is one of the few desserts where you don’t need to be completely accurate.

8 slices of bread (not too fresh)

butter (for buttering)

80g dried fruit

275ml milk

60ml cream – I use double/single, whatever I have

50g sugar – golden caster sugar is good but anything will do

3 eggs

Butter your dish and your bread.

salvagebox.co.uk - buttered bread

Cut your slices into triangles and put a layer (butter side up) in the dish. Add half of the dried fruit mixture then another layer of bread then the remaining fruit.

salvagebox.co.uk - adding fruit

Finish with a layer of bread.

bread butter pudding 5

Whisk your eggs. In a separate bowl combine the milk, cream and most of the sugar, then whisk the whisked eggs into that mixture. Pour it over the bread and sprinkle on the remaining sugar.

Bake in a pre-heated oven for 30-40 mins. Oven temperature is gas mark 4, 180ºc, 350ºf.

salvagebox.co.uk - cooked bread and butter pudding

Wrap yourself in a blanket, sit yourself in front of the television and enjoy.


  • Don’t get hung up trying to be too accurate, just throw it in (although I think I skimped a bit on the milk and slightly more would have been better!).
  • I add cooking chocolate chips in with my dried fruit when I’m feeling really decadent.

Salvaged Items:

  • Leftover cream
  • (Leftover bread)

If you look at images of bread and butter pudding on the internet most of them look less ‘rustic’ than mine but I did enjoy it, away from the noisy city, watching an episode of Gogglebox (guilty pleasure!), Blue snuggled up beside me.

How was your pudding creation?  Please let us all know.

See you all next week for crafting something completely different.


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