60. How to Display Floating Candles

How to display floating candles

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Oh dear, the builders are in…’

Jaz arrived at 8.30 on Monday morning, as usual.

‘That pendent is lovely, Jaz,’ I said as she took her coat off. It caught my eye because it’s really unusual for her to wear jewellery. It was a crescent moon and a star with what looked like a moonstone. ‘Has Darren been treating you?’ I asked. He had taken her for a burger the night before Valentine’s Day last week but this would have been quite a leap in generosity.

‘No,’ she said, ‘it’s from a new ‘lucky charms’ range at my dad’s shop. At long last he’s decided to stock some pieces that I actually like. I don’t know why people get so excited about diamonds and emeralds. Or big watches,’ she added, screwing her nose up at other people’s tastes.

Jaz’s dad would have loved her to join him in his jewellery business but it just isn’t her. I’m very glad she decided to get her hands dirty in floristry instead.

‘Why has Kim got a sign out saying Takeaway Only?’ she asked.

‘The builders start today and she thinks it’s going to be messy because their first job is to take this wall out between us. But I think she’s overacting because it’s only a partition wall,’ I replied, hoping I was right.

Kim had been true to her word and got the builders scheduled in to begin at 9am. The more I thought about it, the more the alterations made sense. Instead of Teacups and Tulips being next door to each other, cake on one side, flowers on the other, they are going to be one behind the other. Customers will come in through the open door of Tulips and see and smell the lovely flowers on their way to the warmer part of the shop at the back. Hopefully our flowers and decorative goods will tempt those indulging in tea and cake, and those coming in for flowers might be enticed further in for a drink and a snack.

The workmen were on a very tight schedule to get everything finished before our busiest day of the year – Mothers’ Day – so I was getting more and more tense as the morning wore on and they still hadn’t arrived. It wasn’t until 11.20 that the two of them rolled up, but they assured me they would do their best to get the wall finished that day. Luckily for them Kim was visiting a supplier so she wasn’t there to reprimand them before they’d even started.

But when they did start, even though they were on the Teacups side, the noise was deafening, causing what few customers we had to depart. I was amazed how much pandemonium they could cause whilst making such little headway. Was this really going to be finished by five o’clock? I didn’t think so.

Chaotic days like this make me very uncomfortable. I just wanted to get home and have a soak in the bath with my new floating candle arrangements nearby to restore my calm.

But just when I’d resigned myself to it being all noise and no progress, a large section of wall gave way. We’d cleared the flowers and other items of stock out of the way so nothing was broken but we hadn’t anticipated how much dust there would be. Plumes of it were billowing round the shop. No surface escaped but it was Jaz who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and bore the brunt of it. From her hair to her shoes she was grey/white and powdery. The moonstone around her neck was struggling to shine through.

She rolled her eyes and said, ‘So much for my lucky pendant.’

I think she needed the candles more than me!

How to Make a Display of Floating Candles

salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's pawI’d saved these two chutney jars because they were an interesting shape.

How to display floating candles

I used wire, beads and glitter to decorate them.

How to display floating candles

Is there no end to the uses for official envelopes? I used this one to create templates for the glitter designs. The star was made from two equilateral triangles and the heart was made in the usual way by folding the paper in half and drawing the right hand side of the shape along the vertical crease.

How to display floating candles

I traced round the templates onto self-adhesive vinyl and used a craft knife to cut out the shapes. It’s the negatives that we use so I didn’t want to break the outline by using scissors. This worked okay with the craft knife but would have been easier and neater if I’d used my Cricut.

How to display floating candles

I applied the vinyl shape to the jar and pasted on some Mod Podge before sprinkling on the glitter.

How to display floating candles

How to display floating candles

How to display floating candles

Once the glue had dried I tipped the loose glitter off and back into the tub.

How to display floating candles

When you peel off the vinyl it reveals a neat shape. If you don’t have any vinyl then you could just paste your design straight on to the jar freehand.

How to display floating candles

To decorate the neck of the bottle I took some silver bullion wire which is thin and crinkly. I threaded some small beads on which stayed in position because I twisted the wire round each one. I wrapped the wire around the neck of the jar several times and wove the ends in to secure them.

How to display floating candles

How to display floating candles

How to display floating candles

Now it’s time to add the water and float the candle.

How to display floating candles

And light it.

How to display floating candles

Do the same with the heart motif and you have a lovely set ready for your bathroom or your hearth.


  • Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • If you don’t have any vinyl just paste your design onto the jar freehand.
  • Tip the excess glitter onto a piece of paper that you’ve already creased down the middle so you have a funnel to feed it back into the pot.
  • You can decorate the neck in many different ways – ribbon, raffia, ivy, beads on elastic etc – just be sure your flame is not going to be anywhere near it if it’s flammable (ie add less water to the jar).

Salvaged Items:

  • Glass chutney jars

Hope you enjoyed this quick and simple project this week and you’ll join me again for something newly salvaged next week.


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