64. How to Make a Key Fob from a Wine Cork

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Will the building work ever be completed…?’

‘How could I have been so stupid?’ wailed Jaz, for the third time that morning.

I was just about to reassure her yet again when Beryl popped up between us, handed me a funeral tribute that we’d failed to notice had got separated from the rest of the order during the builders’ chaos that morning, and said to Jaz, ‘Love is blind, love.’

It’s a cliché but Beryl’s right. It was obvious to the casual observer that something didn’t add up with Darren but when you’re being swept along in the excitement of young love you can’t see it.

‘I can’t believe I let slip the alarm code for my dad’s shop,’ Jaz continued.

I’m sure it was less of a ‘slip’ and more of a manipulative conversation he’d had with her. Anyway, after a fumbled jewellery shop burglary, Jaz had finally seen the light but was beating herself up over her naivety. I just hope she’ll be back on form for our busy Mothers’ Day weekend. I was mentally planning our strategy for keeping on top of the flower orders when my thoughts were jolted off course by a cry from Kim.

‘No, that’s not the date we agreed! You need to be finished and out by the weekend!’

The full force of Kim’s wrath could not only be heard by the builders (to whom it was directed) but also by all staff and customers who stopped in their tracks to check they weren’t doing anything wrong.

It was true, this coming weekend will be 20 times busier than a normal weekend and the builders need to be cleared up and out of the way so we can accommodate huge deliveries of flowers and, no doubt, a long queue of customers.

‘The changes you made along the way have all added time, you know,’ said Joe, indignantly. He rolled his eyes towards the rest of us, looking for sympathy.

‘If you’d have stuck to the brief instead of trying to cut corners we wouldn’t be in this mess!’ she belted back, clearly anxious not to fail in her promise to me that she’d have the shop reorganisation and refit completed by Mothers’ Day. I have every faith she’ll sort it out. She always does.

‘Why don’t we clear everything up now and come back in about a week to finish off the bells and whistles?’ said Barry, in an effort to calm the conversation down.

‘You might not get us back for a few weeks, though,’ fired Joe, heatedly. ‘We have other work lined up after this.’

And so it went on for another few minutes until finally Joe agreed they’d get a spurt on, get finished and clear out. Phew. The customers could get back to ordering flowers or having their tea and cake in peace.

But Beryl must have felt sorry for the way they’d been shouted at by Kim because once she’d left the shop Beryl brought over a tray of goodies for them.

‘There you go, Joe, an extra big slice of Bakewell for you, my lovely… Barry, tasty bit of cheesecake for you, gorgeous, or would you prefer a brownie?… Sugar for your tea anyone?’

Their focus on the job disintegrated once more as the two men competed for Beryl’s attention, lapping up her charm and forgetting all about the commitment they’d made to Kim about getting it finished.

I’d stashed a couple of bottles of fizzy wine in the kitchen for the grand opening of the remodelled shop but I seriously doubted it would ever be complete so I opened one of the bottles and thrust a glass into Kim’s hand just as she re-entered the shop, shouting, ‘BERYL!’ Understandably she was horrified at the lack of action by the builders.

I don’t think Beryl realises what thin ice she’s skating on with her daughter-in-law/boss, Kim. At 5.30 she left, humming a little tune to herself. The builders had already gone for the day and the last couple of customers sauntered out after Beryl, leaving me to calm Kim down and commiserate with Jaz over a couple more bottles of fizzy wine.

How to Make a Key Fob from a Wine Cork

salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's pawIf this really had been a celebration then these cork key fobs would have been a great way of commemorating it! Did we really get through four bottles just trying to de-stress that evening? Oh dear.

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

Do you have a drawer that’s stuffed to the brim with things that might be useful one day? I do. I fished around and came out with some eyelet screws and a collection of split rings, some of which I had to part from their cheap advertising fobs.

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

The eyelet screws were quite easy to screw into the top of each cork. You just have to apply pressure as you turn and they are very secure once screwed all the way in.

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

Add a split ring and you have a key fob in no time at all!

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

And if you really were celebrating something with your fizz you could commemorate it by adding the date to the bottom of the cork, maybe in neater writing than mine!

How to make a key fob from a wine cork

How to make a key fob from a wine cork


  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy – no tips needed!

Salvaged Items:

  • Corks

Let’s hope we’ve been celebrating the completion of the building work by the time you join me next week. See you all then.


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  1. What a fab idea. How nice it would be to send a key fob as a thank you after a special occasion. I wish I’d known about this before and could have done it after my sons’ 18th and 21st birthdays. I will definitely bear it in mind for future events!

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