70. How to Make a Trinket Jar from an Old Face Cream Pot

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Kim, ready for action…’

‘Hi Kim. Nice trip?’

‘Hi Jaz. What’s this news about the pub?’

‘It’s going to be a Skolkensson supermarket unless we can find a way to stop it,’ said Jaz enthusiastically.

Jaz hadn’t stopped going on about global capitalism and fair trade since we first heard that the Scandinavian supermarket was interested in buying the old pub building opposite. She’d been itching to get out there and march for the small independents. I’d told her that Kim would spring into action when she got back from her short break. I knew she would be on a mission to make sure Teacups & Tulips remained a viable business.

‘Let’s rally the troops!’ shouted Kim, more to herself than anyone else, and she disappeared out of the shop to talk to the other shop owners along Linnet Row.

But Jaz took that as a signal that battle had commenced and threw off her Tulips apron to get started on the placards. She was more animated than I’ve seen her in a long time but sadly I had to dampen her enthusiasm and get her to make up the morning’s bouquet orders.

‘Kim’s just gone to talk to the others,’ I reassured her. ‘There won’t be any marching today.’ I hoped we wouldn’t be any marching on any day.

Kim returned looking a bit deflated but headed for the big pile of paper on our counter that we wrap flowers in. She picked up a pen, drew the row of shops then started filling the details in from left to right. ‘Colin the butcher’s on board, as expected,’ she said, and put a big tick in the first shop. ‘Tony from the general store is really keen but we’re going to have to watch him. He says he’s already been to the council to make his point but Colin reckons he didn’t get further than the receptionist and was escorted off the premises by their security guard because of his abuse.’ She put a tick in his shop and wrote MANAGE in large letters. I think that was an instruction to herself.

‘A peaceful protest is what we need,’ said Jaz.

‘Well it wasn’t very peaceful with Old George,’ she said. ‘He refused point blank to get involved.’ She put a cross in the hardware shop, followed by another in the beauty salon. ‘Colette isn’t interested because she thinks, if anything, it will be good for her business. And that manager from the chemist – what’s her name?’

‘Sandra’, Jaz and I said in unison.

‘Yes, Sandra, who reckons her team can’t function unless she’s overseeing every transaction, was nowhere to be seen.’ So she put a question mark in the shop next door to ours.

‘What now then?’ I asked.

‘We definitely need a united front so we’ll send Jaz to work on George. You persuade Colette and Sandra. Meanwhile I’ll work out our plan of attack so we can direct Tony’s enthusiasm better.’ And she duly added our names to her diagram in the corresponding places.

‘But if Colette and Sandra don’t want to join in, I can’t make them,’ I said weakly.

‘Nonsense,’ she replied. ‘Look, here’s the woman from the chemist now – we’ll tackle her together.’

‘Hello ladies,’ Sandra bellowed as she breezed in in her white uniform. ‘My girls next door said you needed me. What can I do for you?’

We had high hopes for Sandra’s backing but when we explained she said, ‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly get involved. It would reflect on the company. You’ll have to take it up with our head office.’

That wasn’t what we were hoping for but Beryl had heard her response and, never one to shy away from butting in, shouted, ‘Sandra, you’re always telling us they think you’re great in head office. Surely you can get them on board!’

‘Well, yes, I probably could,’ she said, warming to the idea of being the hero.

‘Skolkensson might open a chemist in their store,’ Beryl added for good measure. Good old Beryl. This last comment put the worry-lines on Sandra’s face and she scurried off to phone her head office and Kim changed the question mark to a confident tick.

She took a step back and assess the progress. ‘So, it looks like we’ve got four out of the six shops on our side. While you and Jaz work on the other two, I’ll find out from the council how we formally raise our objection.’

Even though we’re business partners, I’m always glad when Kim is home and back in control.

But how was I going to convince Colette? I could make a little salvaged gift for her. Would a bribe be wrong? If nothing else it could be an excuse to talk to her. ◊

How to Make a Trinket Jar from an Old Face Cream Pot

salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

Below is a photograph of some old moisturiser pots that had potential for my gift for Colette. You may recognise the ones with the peach coloured lids – they were the type I used in episode 8 for the needle-felted pin cushions. I had high hopes for the lovely No 7 pots with their shiny black lids. But they turned out to be a problem because I couldn’t get the writing off the jars. So that left me with some old glass Garnier pots that used to have the writing on stickers which cleaned off really easily. I know their style has changed now and the pots are no longer glass but I think you could still use their latest version for this project.

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

My idea was to glue some beads on the top to turn them into pretty trinket jars. Make sure the jars and lids are immaculately clean.

I cut some string from my string tin (a 10cm length for each pot) and selected some beads.

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

You probably don’t need the string but I thought it would be useful to allow the beads to nestle in. I used my glue gun to attach it to the lid in a coil shape.

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

Then I added more glue and pushed the beads into place. If you’re like me, you’ll get strands of glue all over the lid but just pull them off and throw them away.

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

And it’s as easy as that! I made the other two in about 30 seconds each and decided I wanted to keep them all for myself.

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot
How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

So now I know exactly where my rings are (black jar), earrings (red jar) and brooches (green jar).

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot
How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot
How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

I can either keep them out on my dressing table or in a drawer. Either way, I can now put my hands on exactly what I’m looking for very quickly.


  • I always keep an old toothbrush handy for cleaning fiddly things like the screw thread on the jars and lids.
  • You could make a feature of the swirl of string or hide it with the beads (I think my design is a bit of a mixture!).

Salvaged Items:

  • Empty face cream pots

If it’s a quick project you’re after then this is another one for you!

See you all at the same time again next week.


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