93. How to Make a Glass Bead Pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

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This episode is subtitled: ‘You deserve it, Jaz…!’

‘How does the bookcase look, Jaz? Is the flat feeling any more like home?’ I asked her.

‘The bookcase is great thanks. Well, it would be if my flat mates ever put anything away.’

I’d never thought of Jaz as particularly shipshape but it sounds like these messy flatmates are really stressing her out. ‘Will you stay at the flat, do you think? Or move back to your mum and dad’s?’

‘I’ll stick it out at the flat,’ she said. ‘cos it would feel like a backward step going back home. In any case, I feel like I’m getting more used to them now.’

I wasn’t convinced she was being truthful to herself, but it’s her life.

Beryl scooted over with a tray of dirty pots. ‘Jaz, did I tell you, that Maeve woman came to see you this morning?’

‘No,’ said Jaz, ‘what did she want?’

Kim had overheard her and looked puzzled. ‘You sure she didn’t ask for me?’ she said. ‘She promised she would consider my offer on the hardware premises.’

Old George’s hardware shop a few doors down from us had been closed up and looking really sorry for itself since George died recently. Kim’s expansion plans for our business know no bounds but she’d been caught off guard when someone else had taken an interest in George’s property before it was formally put up for sale. She’d collared George’s second cousin, Maeve, and begged to be considered.

‘I’m quite sure that if she’s already promised it to Shaun McArthur she won’t let him down.’ I said, trying to curb her enthusiasm.

‘This is business Jenny! And if only I knew what he’d offered, I could come in slightly higher. Maybe you could- ’

‘No!’ I cried emphatically. I had absolutely no intention of trying to wheedle anything out of Shaun again.

‘What’s he planning to do with it anyway?’ asked Kim.

‘I don’t know,’ I said. ‘I expect it will just be another office.’

‘With a shop front?’ She enquired, but I knew nothing of Shaun’s plans and wanted to keep well out of all of it.’

Then Maeve came back in the shop clutching a piece of paper and her face lit up when she saw Jaz.

‘Hello Jasmine,’ she said. ‘You know I’m George’s only family? Well he’s left me very well provided for but I’m excited to tell you that he also mentions you in his will and has left you a sum of money!’

‘Really?’ said Jaz, a little nonplussed.

‘Yes, he specifically says its for the kindness you showed him. Look here it is.’ And she showed Jaz the section of the document where her name appeared.

Jaz read it and gasped. Then she reread it and said, ‘That can’t be right.’

‘Yes it is, my dear,’ said Maeve, beaming.

‘But that will buy me half a flat of my own!’ she cried.

‘It might take a little while to sort out all the official matters, but basically, once the sale of the shop has gone through you’ll be able to have your money.’ Maeve told her.

There were hugs and whoops of congratulations all round, except for Kim who said to Maeve, ‘When can I put my formal offer in?’

‘I’ve already told you,’ said Maeve with exasperation, ‘I’ve promised it to someone else and I don’t break a promise. So, as long as he can come up with the money when the time comes, I’ll be selling to him.’

Kim looked crestfallen. ‘What’s Shaun planning on doing with it anyway?’ she asked.

‘He’s going to open a restaurant,’ she replied.

Oh dear, I thought. Food and drink to compete with Kim’s tea room. She won’t be happy about that. ◊

How to Make a Glass Bead Pendant

salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's pawThe latest news along Linnet Row was quite unsettling so I buried my head in some craft. This project takes no time at all to actually do, but you do need to be patient with it.

The ingredients in these pendants are glass beads (the ones that are flat on one side), an old magazine and some jewellery bails to hang them with. Oh, you will need some clear nail varnish and some glue too.

How to make a glass bead pendant

I had an old Avon catalogue. Out of the blue a rep put one through my door and didn’t come back for it. I did check it was out of date before I used it!

If you move a glass bead around on the magazine pages you can see the kind of patterns you can achieve in your pendant. This magazine had many options so I made quite a few at once.

Paint a fair amount of clear nail varnish on the back of the bead and position it where you want to on the page. Then leave them overnight to fully harden.

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

The next day, cut them out. Trim as close in as you can so there is no paper extending beyond the flat back.

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

Don’t they look good?

How to make a glass bead pendant

I wanted to make the backs look more professional so I used my sharpies to colour them in. I only used black where the pattern was dark. On one of them I used pink and the other I left as it was because it was quite pale.

How to make a glass bead pendant

Now it’s time to attach the bails. I got this glue and the jewellery bails from Amazon (they were ridiculously cheap).

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

I let them set overnight and then went over the back of each one with nail varnish. Again, I left them for a while to fully set.

How to make a glass bead pendant

How to make a glass bead pendant

See what I mean about being patient? But I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

How to make a glass bead pendant

They show up better on the marble background. These three are shown using different things to hang them up – pink cord from a haberdashery, silver chain and leather string.

How to make a glass bead pendant


Salvaged Items:

  • Magazine pages
  • Clear nail varnish (I never wear it!)

You can make lots of these at once, either for Christmas presents or fundraising items. Have fun!


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