25. How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

Turn an old curtain into this very simple envelope cushion cover and add some buttons for decoration. It doesn't have to be football-related!

This episode is subtitled: Is everyone enjoying the sport…?

Euro 2016 and three of the home nations still in the competition! Even though the football is playing havoc with the Corrie schedule, I don’t actually mind it, and I’ve also enjoyed watching coverage of the tennis at Queens and the triathlon in Leeds, but what I’m most excited about is Wimbledon, which starts on Monday (yay!).

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24. Repurpose an Old Towel

salvagebox.co.uk - lilac duck

This episode is subtitled: ‘Welcome Baby Evans…’

Kim asked me if I could make a gift for her hairdresser who was expecting a baby. I’m always delighted to have a real purpose for my weekly craft project rather than making something purely for the creative process (and for you to enjoy, of course).

I go to the hairdresser’s about twice a year (although sometimes I need to do a bit of hacking myself in the meantime) and I have to keep topping up my natural colour, Dark Chocolate Brown. I hate doing my colour, it’s such a messy job and recently I managed to get some dye on a large white towel. Kim doesn’t have these problems, with her once-a-month cut and blow dry, and a professional colour every other visit. Her hair always looks great.

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19. How to Sew a Shabby Chic Picture

salvagebox.co.uk - shabby chic picture

This episode is subtitled: ‘Madalynn and Poppy learn to sew…’

Do you have girly girls who love sewing, baking and doing cartwheels, or do you have a tomboy like my niece Hannah who’s much more likely to be found up a tree or with her nose in a pond?

Hannah and I have great fun. We take Blue on long walks and investigate almost everything there is to investigate along the way. She loves the woods and can spot the smallest of creatures in a crevice as we’re passing by, stopping to see where it’s going and what it’s doing.

‘Would you like to learn to sew?’ I asked her, assuming that there were no boundaries in this aunt/niece bond.

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17. How to Make a Denim Needle Case

salvagebox.co.uk - How to make a denim needle case

This episode is subtitled: ‘A tissue-in-the-wash day…’

Do you ever have a bad hair day? I don’t. That’s because I usually just scape my hair back, tie it up into some non-descript style and don’t give it another thought until it’s time to lay my head on the pillow and go to sleep. So a day when everything seems to be going wrong couldn’t really be called a bad hair day in my book. Now, a ‘tissue-in-the-wash’ day, well that hits the spot.

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14. Make a Handbag Charm

salvagebox.co.uk - bag charm

This episode is subtitled: ‘Time to start revealing…’

Hi Everyone. Well, the weather certainly seemed to be back on track earlier this week and I was ecstatic to see two little wrens flirting round my nesting box. Fingers crossed they make it their home.

I mentioned recently how warmer weather makes it look as though all the florists up and down the land have lost weight as we start to shed our layers. This is all very positive until it comes to shedding the thick tights, boots and cardigans. Flashes of my own pasty white skin make me feel a bit queasy so I’m not too disappointed that temperatures have taken a bit of a dip again.

I have started to get prepared, though. I’ve bought a bottle of moisturising lotion from Boots – you know the kind that gives you a bit of a tan as it goes on, building up over several applications. I normally get the one labelled ‘light sun-kissed look’, which just takes the brightness away, but this time I picked up ‘dark sun-kissed look’ by mistake. I’ll let you know whether that turns out to be a triumph or a tragedy when the time comes.

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12. Felt Flower Clip

salvagebox.co.uk - felt flower clip

This episode is subtitled ‘The best diet in the world…’

Oh I love this time of year. Have I told you that already? Probably. I do like the cosiness of the winter but spring is just so full of expectation. I don’t want to sound too romantic or poetic but sometimes I wish we could just suspend time right now when the daffodils are still out and everywhere else there are buds waiting to burst open. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could live with that anticipation for a while longer, before anything starts to mature then fade? But at least the plants and trees come back rejuvenated next year which is more than can be said for ourselves.

I have other reasons for liking this time of year – the nights are lighter (and will be even lighter when the clocks change at the weekend), the birds are busy flirting in the garden and the cold flower shop has warmed up a bit. The added bonus there is that, as we shed our layers, customers are surprised by how much weight we’ve lost. It’s amazing what a good diet it is going from eight layers of vests/tee-shirts/fleeces down to just one of each!

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6. Decorate a Hat (or Three)

salvagebox.co.uk - hat, gloves and chocolates

This episode is subtitled: ‘Three cheers for the staff…’

We were busy preparing for Valentine’s Day yesterday when the lovely bride from the anemone/Sharpie wedding popped in. I can’t believe it’s nearly a month since the big day. She came in to say thank you and bring us a box of chocolates, which was a boost for the staff since they don’t always get to hear the appreciation directly from customers. Mr Saunders had also popped in that morning to order a posy for his wife’s grave so he joined us for the treat as well.

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3. Sew a Book Cover

salvagebox.co.uk - tea and lists

This episode is subtitled: ‘Love your lists…’

Thursday and Friday last week were frantic while we created everything for the big wedding and got it delivered to the groom’s house, the bride’s house, the church and the venue. The trauma of the preparation is well documented in last week’s episode, but the good news is that we were delighted with how everything looked in the end, the bride was happy, and no Sharpie was needed (phew!).

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