23. How to Make a Pretty Wedding Card

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Stop daydreaming, Jenny…!’

June, and the wedding season is underway. We do prepare wedding flowers for people all year round but you can imagine the steady stream from now until September.

I always thought that if I ever got married I wouldn’t choose the summer. Better to go for December/January/February when you know the weather isn’t going to be good so it’s one less thing to worry about.

I wouldn’t have wanted to go over the top with any aspect – a simple dress, a simple rose posy and a lot of family and friends. I don’t understand the stress people put themselves through to try to impress their guests with the swankiest venue, the most indulgent cake, the most generous favours and the biggest diamond (and probably the biggest overdraft at the end of it).

Hmmm, I wonder what my groom would have looked like…

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15. How to Make Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

This episode is subtitled: “A lazy week…”

Do you ever get a week where not much is happening? We’re fairly quiet in Tulips so we keep taking it in turns to nip next door for a coffee and a cake in Teacups (bit naughty really!). I should have taken the opportunity to spend time on a big crafty challenge but instead I went for something quick that you can do in less than and hour this week.

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9. Découpage by a Complete Beginner

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Blue to the Rescue…’

Ever wanted to try découpage? I’ve been keen to try it for ages but firstly I couldn’t think of anything I actually wanted to découpage and secondly I was slightly worried that once I’d started, I’d get the bug and start gluing paper to everything in sight.

I got my opportunity when we had our first ‘Companions’ session in Teacups. Remember a couple of weeks ago I floated the idea with Kim that we set aside a table or two at a particular time each week that was reserved for people on their own who wanted a bit of company? The first session was yesterday so about a week in advance I bought some cardboard letter Cs from Hobbycraft and had a go at pasting some (salvaged) birthday wrapping paper to them. Each letter C designated a table reserved for ‘Companions’. I’ve now découpaged seven items, but more about that starting at the paw print below.

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1. Make Beads From Old Magazines

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Welcome to Salvage Box…

50. How did that happen? I know it’s a cliché but I do still feel like I did in my twenties, although back then I was a willowy 5’7” natural dark brunette. I can still boast the height (for now, anyway) but the willow is tending towards oak and the brunette is classed as ‘Dark Chocolate Brown’ or number 4.35 for a more snappy description.

I hope someone lets me know when my face is too old for my ‘natural’ colour, or my dress sense hasn’t kept pace or…..blimey, maybe I’ve been behaving like I’m 20 for the last 30 years and nobody’s told me! Surely Kim would. She’s my straight talking best friend and business partner who I share Teacups & Tulips with. I manage the flower side of the business and Kim manages the tea room – two things that bring joy to our customers (almost all of the time).

We both hate waste. This is a great attitude to have when you’re in business, especially with the livelihoods of several staff at stake, but I also get a bit obsessive at home, constantly wondering what I can create with old jam jars or left over scraps of fabric. They can be recycled eventually but I like to breathe new life into things in the meantime. That’s what Salvage Box is about. From now on I plan to bring you a bit of inspiration for creating something each week. I might use fabric, glass, paper, or anything else that I come across, the only criteria is that each project will contain at least one element that has been salvaged. It might only be an old button used to embellish something but there will always be a component that’s had a former life. This week I’ve used pages of an old magazine to make some quirky paper beads (instructions start at the paw print below).

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