47. A First Attempt at Making a Mosaic

A mosaic stepping stone by a complete novice

This episode is subtitled: ‘A favour for Kim…’

A couple of weeks ago Kim invited me to go with her to her mum’s house after work for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. I’d known Kim’s mum since I was a girl so it’s usually a nostalgic trip when I see her. She tells us the same old stories from when we were children.

‘Hello Mrs Sullivan,’ I said loudly as I stepped through the front door behind Kim. She was watching Pointless in the lounge, unable to tear herself away.

‘Have your brought Gary?’ she shouted to Kim in the hall, still staring at the screen from her chair.

‘No, Mum, it’s Jenny.’



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30. How to Create a Sempervivum Arrangement

Create a simple sempervivum arrangement using a shallow container.

This episode is subtitled: ‘My brother-in-law, lovely man…’

I love Laura’s husband, Ray. He spends lots of time at work doing his busy logistics job at the distribution warehouse but when he’s not there he’s a real family man – taxiing the children, having family days out, putting up with visits from his brother, his brother’s snobby wife and their obnoxious children. But when he gets the opportunity he loves to spend time on the garden. It’s a modern house which had a boring square of land at the back when they moved in but their garden is now a fascinating place full nooks and crannies created by clever positioning of shrubs, trellises, shed and climbing frame. He’s spent time with Hannah making bug hotels, which are dotted around, and he’s created some low arrangements of sempervivums that are just magical – far more magical than my attempt here but this was my first go.

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27. How to Cover a Plant Pot with Fabric

Take a shabby old plant pot, add paint and a pretty floral fabric to make it chic!

This episode is subtitled: ‘Bring the outdoors in…’

Gillian clanked as she stepped into the flower shop to start her working day. ‘I’ve brought you those shabby old plant pots Bill promised you,’ she said, holding up a mucky plastic bag.

‘Oh, great,’ I said, excited by the prospect of turning them into something pretty. Outside it was starting to drizzle, again, making me wonder what the point was of having a lovely garden if the British weather didn’t allow us to sit out and enjoy it. Do I talk about the weather too much? Probably, but at this time of year it influences so much – village fetes, school sports days, Wimbledon. To cheer me up I thought I’d use the pots to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. I can put my ‘garden’ on the table and watch whoever’s playing tennis under the roof on Centre Court.

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