The Small Print

Hello there.  Really happy that you’ve found Salvage Box!  The small print isn’t daunting but we’d still like to make you aware of it:

Advertisements:  We will build up a relationship with those who would like to advertise on the site to check there is a good fit with the Salvage Box brand so we try our best to ensure you’ll get great products and excellent service, but the actual experience you have with our advertisers is out of our hands.

Links:  You will see links throughout the posts to suppliers and other relevant organisations.  We expect the information on their sites to be accurate but we can not guarantee it. Eventually, we will have relationships with some of the organisations who will provide us with a small commission if you visit their site through and subsequently make a purchase.  To enable this to happen, the click you make from this site will be tagged so it can be tracked and then any commission can be assigned to us.  By using these links you are helping Salvage Box to continue to provide Jenny’s crafting inspiration so a big THANK YOU for doing so (please use them as much as you can!). Such links will be clearly labelled affiliate link.

Sponsored Posts:  If any organisation supplies Salvage Box with a product to review or asks us to mention their products we will give our honest opinion (via Jenny) and always make it clear that it is a sponsored post.  Sponsored posts also help to keep Salvage Box going.

Copyright:  All of the words and photographs on this site are original Salvage Box material but inspiration has come from everywhere.  If appropriate, we’ll mention the source of that inspiration and link to relevant sites.  You are welcome to use any Salvage Box tutorial for personal use and for small scale selling of items you’ve made from it.  Any copying or republishing of text or photographs without permission is copyright infringement but if you’d like to share any of the content please do so via a link to the site and give full credit for the work (we’d love you to share!).  We also thoroughly endorse you pinning anything from this site onto your Pinterest boards – let’s not keep Salvage Box a secret.

Email Addresses:  If you join the email list your details will be used for the sole purpose you signed-up for and we will not pass them on to anyone else.

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