41. How to Make a Backpack from an Old T-shirt

Make a backpack out of an old t-shirt

This episode is subtitled: ‘October, yay…!’

The weather has been very kind to us the last couple of weeks with the west of the county being sunnier than the east for a change. This has made me want to spend longer outside (much to Blue’s delight) Blue with lead collecting conkers to ward off spiders (does that really work?), exploring routes we’ve not tried before, and generally soaking up October in all it’s blazing glory. Actually, I know I’m a bit ahead of myself because the best colours are yet to come, but it might be raining by then!

In the winter I stuff the pockets of my walking coat with all that I need – ball, poo bags, phone, tissues etc but it’s a bit more tricky when it’s not cold enough for the coat and I end up cramming things into the pocket of my jeans and tying a cardigan or thin waterproof (sometimes both) around my waist in case I need them. I’ve thought for a while that a little drawstring backpack is what I need, whatever the weather, to carry my (and Blue’s) paraphernalia so I picked out an old t-shirt that my brother-in-law, Ray, had given me and made it into a backpack. Details of how I made it begin at Blue’s paw print.

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