70. How to Make a Trinket Jar from an Old Face Cream Pot

How to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot

If you’d like to skip straight to the creative project and learn how to make a trinket jar from an old face cream pot then scroll down until you see Blue’s paw print below.salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

This episode is subtitled: ‘Kim, ready for action…’

‘Hi Kim. Nice trip?’

‘Hi Jaz. What’s this news about the pub?’

‘It’s going to be a Skolkensson supermarket unless we can find a way to stop it,’ said Jaz enthusiastically.

Jaz hadn’t stopped going on about global capitalism and fair trade since we first heard that the Scandinavian supermarket was interested in buying the old pub building opposite. She’d been itching to get out there and march for the small independents. I’d told her that Kim would spring into action when she got back from her short break. I knew she would be on a mission to make sure Teacups & Tulips remained a viable business.

‘Let’s rally the troops!’ shouted Kim, more to herself than anyone else, and she disappeared out of the shop to talk to the other shop owners along Linnet Row.

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1. Make Beads From Old Magazines

salvagebox.co.uk - salvaged items

Welcome to Salvage Box…

50. How did that happen? I know it’s a cliché but I do still feel like I did in my twenties, although back then I was a willowy 5’7” natural dark brunette. I can still boast the height (for now, anyway) but the willow is tending towards oak and the brunette is classed as ‘Dark Chocolate Brown’ or number 4.35 for a more snappy description.

I hope someone lets me know when my face is too old for my ‘natural’ colour, or my dress sense hasn’t kept pace or…..blimey, maybe I’ve been behaving like I’m 20 for the last 30 years and nobody’s told me! Surely Kim would. She’s my straight talking best friend and business partner who I share Teacups & Tulips with. I manage the flower side of the business and Kim manages the tea room – two things that bring joy to our customers (almost all of the time).

We both hate waste. This is a great attitude to have when you’re in business, especially with the livelihoods of several staff at stake, but I also get a bit obsessive at home, constantly wondering what I can create with old jam jars or left over scraps of fabric. They can be recycled eventually but I like to breathe new life into things in the meantime. That’s what Salvage Box is about. From now on I plan to bring you a bit of inspiration for creating something each week. I might use fabric, glass, paper, or anything else that I come across, the only criteria is that each project will contain at least one element that has been salvaged. It might only be an old button used to embellish something but there will always be a component that’s had a former life. This week I’ve used pages of an old magazine to make some quirky paper beads (instructions start at the paw print below).

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