49. How to Make a Fabric Brooch

Make a brooch from fabric scraps and plastic from an old margarine tub

This episode is subtitled: ‘Bespoke is best…’

With my covered notebook tucked under my arm I headed next door to Teacups (the warm side of the shop) for my usual late Saturday afternoon get together with Kim to discuss how things were going in Teacups & Tulips and to focus on any hotspots for the following week or so.

‘I think we should give the staff something handmade for Christmas,’ said Kim, ‘You know, show we’ve put a bit of effort in.’

Was she serious? Kim’s never made anything in her life and we’re on the run up to Christmas which, in a flower shop, is a long hard slog filled with customers wanting grave pots, wreaths, table centres, bouquets, bespoke Christmas decorations as well as off-the-shelf decorations and gifts. I’m not complaining, it’s tiring but we do love it at Christmas, it’s just that there isn’t time to fit anything else in.

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