90. How to Make an Owl Picture from Scraps

How to make an owl picture from scraps

If you’d like to skip straight to the creative project and learn how to make an owl picture from scraps then scroll down until you see Blue’s paw print below.salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

This episode is subtitled: ‘Thank you Caitlin…’

‘Blue looks happy,’ said Jaz.Blue in his basket from salavebox.co.uk

Blue’s always happy, I thought. More to the point, Jaz was looking fairly happy. A state we’d not seen lately here in Teacups & Tulips.

‘How are things at the flat?’ I asked.

‘Not too bad,’ she said with a smile and carried on with the mammoth task of making 125 rose buttonholes for Sacha, our bride for that day, whose father was spending an absolute fortune on her wedding.

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84. How to Make a Children’s Travel Game

How to make a children's travel game

If you’d like to skip straight to the creative project and learn how to make a children’s travel game then scroll down until you see Blue’s paw print below.salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

This episode is subtitled: ‘Beryl too, eh?’

‘Here you go Jenny, my treat,’ said Beryl and she put a piece of millionaire’s shortbread in front of me. She looked over at Kim who was sitting at the table with me and said smugly, ‘It’s okay, I’ve put the money in the till.’

I’d slumped into a melancholy that Kim was doing her best to shake me out of. And Beryl was obviously trying to help as well, which was sweet of her.

Kim asked her for a piece of carrot cake and she scooted off to get it.

‘She’s working out okay isn’t she?’ I said.

‘I never thought I’d say this,’ Kim replied, ‘but I don’t know what I’d do without her now. She’s always going to be a bit rough around the edges but the customers love her and, even though she’s a bit clumsy-’

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74. How to Make a Fidget Spinner

Make a fidget spinner from cardboard and loose change

If you’d like to skip straight to the creative project and learn how to make a fidget spinner then look out for Blue’s paw lower down in this post.salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

This episode is subtitled: ‘An Eventful Open Gardens Event…’

‘You haven’t moaned about the supermarket for 24 hours,’ I heard Beryl say to Kim. ‘You given up your fight to stop it opening now?’

‘No!’ cried Kim, indignantly. ‘It’s just that I’ve got to focus on getting all this Teacups & Tulips publicity material sorted for the Open Gardens event this weekend. Anyway, Jenny knows the guy on the planning committee so I’ve asked her to work on him in the meantime.’

I winced. Firstly, I didn’t want to try and manipulate Shaun on the planning committee and secondly, I had a lot of preparation to do in my garden too. I was keen to help raise some money for charity but I was scared my little patch of heaven wasn’t going to be to good enough for visitors. The supermarket campaign would have to wait.

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51. How to Make a Quick Christmas Decoration

Make a quick Christmas decoration with jam jar lids

This episode is subtitled: ‘The rush and the lull…’

As predicted, it’s been a crazy week so far in Tulips but we’re keeping on top of our orders as they pile in and we’re managing to not get under each other’s feet too much despite us all being in the shop at once, all day, every day, on the run up to Christmas. Even Daisy, our Saturday girl, is working full time from today until the end of Saturday.

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31. How to Remodel a Pair of Jeans

Remodel a pair of jeans by shortening them and adding a button on the back pocket for interchangeable motifs.

This episode is subtitled: ‘A few kind words…’

With a glass of wine in one hand and Blue’s bowl of food in the other, we were just about to settle down for a quiet Saturday night at home after a busy day at the shop when I happened to glance at the phone and saw I had a message. It was from Laura (why doesn’t she just text, then I’d definitely see it?) inviting me to lunch on Sunday.

‘Did you hear that, Blue? We’re going to see Jake and Hannah tomorrow!’

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21. How to Create a Game from Plastic Milk Bottle Lids

salvagebox.co.uk - memory game

This episode is subtitled: ‘How’s your memory…?’

I was telling the girls in the flower shop about the children’s game I’d been making for this week’s project. It’s a memory game like the one where you lay lots of cards out face down and take it in turns to flip two over, hoping to pick out a pair. The only difference with this game is that it’s made from old plastic milk bottle lids and you have to find pairs of matching fabric instead of two identical pictures.

Anyway, that got us talking about how your short-term memory is supposed to be less reliable as you get older, especially if you don’t exercise it.

Have you ever run upstairs for something and completely forgotten what you’ve gone for? It happens quite a lot with me now and I’m hoping a few of you are nodding your heads too. I can put some of my lapses down to inefficiencies in multi-tasking – trying to do too many things at once, such as going to get the clean sheets for the bed then seeing a cardigan that needs to be hung up then spotting some fluff in the wardrobe so getting the vacuum cleaner out then when Blue and I are ready to turn in for the night, finding the bed isn’t made up.

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19. How to Sew a Shabby Chic Picture

salvagebox.co.uk - shabby chic picture

This episode is subtitled: ‘Madalynn and Poppy learn to sew…’

Do you have girly girls who love sewing, baking and doing cartwheels, or do you have a tomboy like my niece Hannah who’s much more likely to be found up a tree or with her nose in a pond?

Hannah and I have great fun. We take Blue on long walks and investigate almost everything there is to investigate along the way. She loves the woods and can spot the smallest of creatures in a crevice as we’re passing by, stopping to see where it’s going and what it’s doing.

‘Would you like to learn to sew?’ I asked her, assuming that there were no boundaries in this aunt/niece bond.

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15. How to Make Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

This episode is subtitled: “A lazy week…”

Do you ever get a week where not much is happening? We’re fairly quiet in Tulips so we keep taking it in turns to nip next door for a coffee and a cake in Teacups (bit naughty really!). I should have taken the opportunity to spend time on a big crafty challenge but instead I went for something quick that you can do in less than and hour this week.

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