9. Découpage by a Complete Beginner

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Blue to the Rescue…’

Ever wanted to try découpage? I’ve been keen to try it for ages but firstly I couldn’t think of anything I actually wanted to découpage and secondly I was slightly worried that once I’d started, I’d get the bug and start gluing paper to everything in sight.

I got my opportunity when we had our first ‘Companions’ session in Teacups. Remember a couple of weeks ago I floated the idea with Kim that we set aside a table or two at a particular time each week that was reserved for people on their own who wanted a bit of company? The first session was yesterday so about a week in advance I bought some cardboard letter Cs from Hobbycraft and had a go at pasting some (salvaged) birthday wrapping paper to them. Each letter C designated a table reserved for ‘Companions’. I’ve now découpaged seven items, but more about that starting at the paw print below.

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7. Make Quick Brandy Truffles

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Planning a little companionship…’

I was childishly proud last Saturday afternoon. It was time for the weekly meeting where Kim and I discuss Teacups & Tulips (what’s going well, what’s coming up next week, ideas for the future etc) and eat up the leftover cake in Teacups.

I was armed with my beautiful notebook (which I’d created to keep a record of my ideas for the business) and this week it actually had an entry in it!

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