29. Make a Cupcake Pin Cushion

Take a new scourer and an old plastic dessert tub and make a cupcake pin cushion

This episode is subtitled: ‘My sister, the domestic queen’

I’d decided to take Laura out for lunch on Monday. It was a rare treat for her to be off work while the children were at school but, if I hadn’t insisted, she would have spent the day at home cooking, cleaning and generally keeping the household wheels turning, without setting aside any time for her.

Lunch with my sister is a treat for me too. The sun was shining and I’d got my legs out for the first time this year. Do you remember me telling you that I’d bought the ‘dark sun-kissed look’ moisturiser instead of the ‘light’ variety by mistake in the spring (episode 14)? Monday was the triumph/tragedy test for that particular mistake and the winner was very definitely……tragedy. After applying it to one leg I decided I’d be better off leaving the other one white and then promptly forgot to change into trousers.

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