98. How to Make Earrings From a Drinks Can

How to make a pair of earrings from a drinks can

If you’d like to skip straight to the creative project and learn how to make earrings from a drinks can then scroll down until you see Blue’s paw print below.salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

This episode is subtitled: ‘Something old, something new…’

‘These are for you, Beryl. I hope you like them.’ I said as I handed her a little chiffon bag containing a pair of earrings. She put them in and smiled as she gazed at herself in her elegant blue dress and jacket, with her simple rose posy and now a pair of earrings to complete her look.

‘They’re lovely Jen, thank you. I can’t image what you made them of!’ She took one more look in the mirror and said quietly, ‘I don’t recognise meself,’ and then took a couple of deep breaths before we set off for the registry office.

She looked beautiful but her hands were shaking slightly as she put her seatbelt on. I knew it was more than just wedding day nerves.

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18. How to Make Button Earrings

salvagebox.co.uk - button earrings

This episode is subtitled: ‘Let’s get organised…’

My button tin is a lovely tin. It originally contained orange biscuits from Italy, a gift from an old neighbour for looking after their goldfish while they were on holiday. But it’s not very practical. Every time I need a button I have to tip them all out and sort through. I know what you’re thinking – a button tin is full of memories and there’s something very comforting about sifting through them on the table, remembering what they were once attached to (some of mine even came from my summer dresses when I was a girl). But I’m a busy woman now and realise that the most sensible thing is to split them up so I can find what I need quickly. That goes for my fabric stash, my scissors and my cotton reels too. I definitely need to be more organised. If Kim had a pile of old buttons (which I’m quite sure she hasn’t) I know they’d be split up, boxed up, labelled up and stored in a place where the level of accessibility corresponds to the number of times she’s likely to need to access it. Awesome. Or frightening?

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