13. Etched Glass Jars

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Treat time at Easter…’

How was your Easter? It was a lovely family time for us – thankfully not hosted by me, but my sister Laura. Blue and I spent the whole of Sunday with her, Ray and the children, Jake and Hannah.

They love it when we go, although I totally understand that Blue’s the real attraction. I only get the slightest of welcomes from Jake and Hannah as they race into battle, competing for the bigger share of Blue’s affection (truth is, he’s a pushover for anyone who gives him attention).salvagebox.co.uk - Blue sitting It’s only a couple of weeks since they had him overnight when Kim and I went on our spa break and they’ve been pestering me about when they can have him again. Trouble is, I miss him too much when he’s away.

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