12. Felt Flower Clip

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This episode is subtitled ‘The best diet in the world…’

Oh I love this time of year. Have I told you that already? Probably. I do like the cosiness of the winter but spring is just so full of expectation. I don’t want to sound too romantic or poetic but sometimes I wish we could just suspend time right now when the daffodils are still out and everywhere else there are buds waiting to burst open. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could live with that anticipation for a while longer, before anything starts to mature then fade? But at least the plants and trees come back rejuvenated next year which is more than can be said for ourselves.

I have other reasons for liking this time of year – the nights are lighter (and will be even lighter when the clocks change at the weekend), the birds are busy flirting in the garden and the cold flower shop has warmed up a bit. The added bonus there is that, as we shed our layers, customers are surprised by how much weight we’ve lost. It’s amazing what a good diet it is going from eight layers of vests/tee-shirts/fleeces down to just one of each!

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