33. How to Improve Your Wardrobe

Decorate your ugly plastic hangers to make your wardrobe prettier

This episode is subtitled: ‘Sooty causes mayhem…’

Last week I told you that you might get a peek into my wardrobe this week, as long as the creative project went okay. Well, it didn’t go too badly so I am able to let you in.

I’m not a great lover of clothes. I don’t like shopping so I don’t have a new outfit for every occasion or endless pairs of shoes; a few cosy favourites is more my style. It suits my life too, which consists mainly of working in a cold flower shop and going on long walks with Blue. So wellies, boots and trainers dominate my footwear selection and my clothes are mainly casual and layer-able, although I do tend to buy one new Whitestuff outfit per year if I manage to get my act together.

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