24. Repurpose an Old Towel

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Welcome Baby Evans…’

Kim asked me if I could make a gift for her hairdresser who was expecting a baby. I’m always delighted to have a real purpose for my weekly craft project rather than making something purely for the creative process (and for you to enjoy, of course).

I go to the hairdresser’s about twice a year (although sometimes I need to do a bit of hacking myself in the meantime) and I have to keep topping up my natural colour, Dark Chocolate Brown. I hate doing my colour, it’s such a messy job and recently I managed to get some dye on a large white towel. Kim doesn’t have these problems, with her once-a-month cut and blow dry, and a professional colour every other visit. Her hair always looks great.

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8. Make a Needle Felted Pin Cushion

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This episode is subtitled: ‘The wrinkles are here…’

Yes, the wrinkles have very definitely arrived. They must have been coming for ages but I’ve been meaning to replace the dead bulb above the bathroom mirror for a while (probably about two years if I’m being totally honest about how lax I’ve been) and when I did put a new bulb in this week it turns out I’ve been living in blissful ignorance.

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6. Decorate a Hat (or Three)

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Three cheers for the staff…’

We were busy preparing for Valentine’s Day yesterday when the lovely bride from the anemone/Sharpie wedding popped in. I can’t believe it’s nearly a month since the big day. She came in to say thank you and bring us a box of chocolates, which was a boost for the staff since they don’t always get to hear the appreciation directly from customers. Mr Saunders had also popped in that morning to order a posy for his wife’s grave so he joined us for the treat as well.

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