52. How to Fill a Large Vase with a Few Flowers

How to fill a large vase with just a few flowers

This episode is subtitled: ‘To the beach and back…’

The week after Christmas is always quiet and, although takings are scarily low, it’s a chance for me to catch my breath and let the staff have some time off – such a contrast to the week before.

I was alone in the shop yesterday morning, getting my hands filthy and sore, stripping leaves and thorns from Maroussia roses. It’s one of my favourite varieties with its big heads of flouncy white petals. My mind started to wander. I was imagining a beach wedding on the edge of the Mediterranean, the bride in a bright white Grecian style dress with her informal posy of Maroussia roses and the groom, bronzed body rippling beneath his unbuttoned crisp white linen shirt. Then a faint squawk of a seabird…….but no, it was Ron’s day for cleaning our windows and his squawking squeegee was working fast across our glass. He cleans all of the shop windows in Linnet Row, although he has to make a point of getting ours and the hardware shop done first – before we fill the pavement with our wares.

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