48. How to Make a Christmas Table Centre

Make a Christmas table centre using foliage from the garden and fir cones from the woods

This episode is subtitled: ‘Jenny McKendrick, Florist…’

Those of you who tune into our Facebook page may remember that you were promised a tutorial for making a Christmas table centre around this time, using fir cones that had been collected from the ground in May! Well here we are, still a few weeks to go so you have time to gather your supplies and, maybe, get a bit of practice in.

I was asked to make a table arrangement for Petra last week, only this one was definitely not to have a Christmassy theme. Petra is, very loosely speaking, my sister-in-law. Actually, she’s my sister’s husband’s brother’s wife so fairly well removed from me, thank goodness. You can read about my last encounter with her in episode 31, if you like.

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