16. How to Make a Tassel Key Ring

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Put your sunglasses on…’

I was flicking through my recent posts and was startled by the fact that they’ve been a bit lilac lately. And not only that, my photography skills being what they are, it is a very murky lilac. So this week you have yellow. Get your sunglasses on and prepare to be dazzled by today’s fun tassel key ring.

I was inspired by the lovely Guus, our Dutchman who brings us his truck packed with flowers every week. I can’t believe I’m 50 and my heart skips a beat whenever I see him climbing down from the cab, his long lean legs making short work of the distance to the ground. Jaz gives me a knowing nudge and I have to really focus on being nonchalant.

There were no emergency flower requirements this week, we just needed a bit of a top up to tide us through to our next main delivery. While Guus played with Blue salvagebox.co.uk - Blue sittingI chose a few items including some beautiful white roses, some gerberas and a big bunch of craspedia. Craspedia is such a useful little flower – it adds a touch of the unusual to a bouquet and it’s obviously very trendy at the moment because it pops up a lot in magazine photographs, its small but bold structure seemingly ideal in a modern house setting. I have some on my Yellow Pinterest board.

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