22. Create Your Own Quirky Tea Salon

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This episode is subtitled: ‘Ahh, tea…’

I’m so glad we started ‘Companions’, the Wednesday afternoon session where people in need of a little company come and share a table in Teacups, drink tea and eat cake. Mrs Lucas, one of our widows, tells us how much she enjoys it every time she comes to see us in Tulips. Each week we get a run down of the type of tea she’s tried, which cake she’s eaten and who she’s been chatting to. She gets quite giddy about the varieties of tea available and told me this week that she’s been out shopping for some interesting selections to have at home. Once she’s opened a new pack of loose-leaf tea she keeps it in an old Douwe Egberts coffee jar.

‘I got the idea from you when you said they were too nice to throw away,’ she said, referring to when I did some glass etching to make a treats jar for Blue.

‘That’s a brilliant idea,’ I said, ‘why don’t you write a Salvage Box post telling us all about it? I could introduce you as a guest writer for that week.’

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