60. How to Display Floating Candles

How to display floating candles

If you’d like to skip straight to the creative project and learn how to make this display of floating candles, scroll down to find Blue’s paw print below.salvagebox.co.uk - Blue's paw

This episode is subtitled: ‘Oh dear, the builders are in…’

Jaz arrived at 8.30 on Monday morning, as usual.

‘That pendent is lovely, Jaz,’ I said as she took her coat off. It caught my eye because it’s really unusual for her to wear jewellery. It was a crescent moon and a star with what looked like a moonstone. ‘Has Darren been treating you?’ I asked. He had taken her for a burger the night before Valentine’s Day last week but this would have been quite a leap in generosity.

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5. Make New Candles from Old

salvagebox.co.uk - candles and wine

This episode is subtitled: ‘Dinner at the big house…’

I’m so unsuited to wild nights out in the city. Am I too old or just a bit boring? It was a relief when Kim and I managed to escape early last week from the Teacups & Tulips post-Christmas party, leaving the young ones to enjoy themselves.

This week I’ve been to Kim and Gary’s for dinner, which was lovely, but I wish she wouldn’t go to so much trouble just for me. Mind you, I go to a lot of trouble myself, deliberating over which bottle of wine will be acceptable, whether I should take a gift, whether to dress up or dress down. Actually, I’d never dream of arriving for an evening at their house in jeans so the choice was either my Whitestuff pinafore (casual but expensive enough to meet with approval, I think) or slinky black trousers and sequined top (glamorous, as long as I can hide the thigh bulges with a cushion when I’m sitting on the sofa). The pinafore won.

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