Jenny’s Top 10

Here are my current 10 favourite websites.  Check back in from time to time to see how the list develops as I discover new places.

Attic 24 because I love the colours and long to be able to work with wool.

Country Living because you can lose yourself for hours in their wonderful world of countryside, baking and crafts.

Age UK because we’ve got to consider how we’ll cope in the future. Medical progress will keep many of us alive for longer but it won’t make us a cup of tea.

A Beautiful Mess because it’s quirky and fun.

Turtle Doves because they’ve made a business out of salvaging cashmere (and I’ve experienced excellent customer service).

Flossie Teacakes because it’s beautifully written and beautifully stitched.

White Stuff because I love my White Stuff gear.  I usually get one outfit a year and wear it to death.

Hobbycraft because it’s full of inspiration, especially the blog.

Beastie Assemblage because cute beasties are created using salvaged items (and birds sing when you go to the site!).

Mollie Makes for crafting inspiration.